Uploadyourtestament,com Is made to secure the ones you love, by making a Last Will to a good price and when security matters. It is vey easy to use and can be use by everyone in USA 18 years old og older.

A Last Will (also referred to as a “Will” or a “Testament“) is a legal document created by you (an individual, known as a “Testator”), which is used to tell how your real estate and personal property shall be distributed after your death.

Historically, there could be a difference. But today it is the same, and covers both your personal property and your real estate. So: A Last Will, A Will, and a Testament is the same.

Creating a Last will has never been faster, easier, CHEAPER and more safe! We have the must easy to use Last Will online tool, and industry-leading security. We are the most professional online making Last Will / Testament in the United Stats of America!

There is 2 products and 4 price plans you can choose between. 1: You allready have a readymade Last Will/Tesament. You can upload it and store it at our high security servers. It cost $4.95/YEARLY or $19.95/ONE-TIME. Then we have a service where you can make and store your Last Will and Testament it cost $9,95/YEARLY or $39.95/ONE-TIME.

You can have all the accounts that you want. There can only be one Last Will at each account, so all family members need an individual account.

Yes. You are free to download your Last Will and use it offline. But i you want us to safe it secure for you, then it need to be at your account allso

Making your Last Will is critically important for all adults (18 years or older). A Last Will allows you to: ensure that your belongings will be distributed as you wish; appoint and outline powers of an executor and/or trustee, appoint a guardian for minor children, specify funeral wishes, expedite the legal process. Secure the ones you love, and reduce stress and heartache for them.

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