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Welcome to our platform:
Which is one of the best and most trusted platforms for making an online last will and storing it afterward.

We offers industry-leading security, and performance.

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You can create a testament online without any doubt of losing it, or others can change it than yourself.
You do not need to hire a lawyer and can easily make an online will with the online tool provided by us and then click save after that.
Safe and secure.

It takes less than 30 minuts-

To secure the ones you love.

Here, in this article, are the guidelines for storing your online will on our platform.
The most important decision after making an online will or testament is where to store it?
Is it safe enough to save where you are going to save for a long time so that it is reached to your relatives afterward?
Are you worried about this?

After you have created it, just follow the following steps.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to store a Last Will?

  1. Make your last will.

    Follow the local State law to make the testament correct.
    (We will easily guide you through the process)

  2. Be sure that all of the information is 100% accurate.

    Read your Last Will and make sure that you have included all the things in this document that you want to.

  3. Click on store your online last will.

    Your Last Will is stored successfully on our highly secured data center accordingly.

Why Should You Choose Our Platform?

The following are the reasons why you should choose our platform for storing an online will:
We are utilizing US Servers, Amazon S3, and Google cloud storage.

There are various options for storing online last wills. We are using the best data center for storage. All of these are trustable and premium.
So, use our platform and get more benefits for just a little amount; you can create and store your online last will.

100% Safe

It is safe to store the last online will on our platform as we have hired some of the best data centers for this purpose.
Amazon, Google, and a third party, the US data center provider.
You can 100% safely save your online will, and it is only available to you only as we are providing privacy according to the law.

Amazon s3 servers for online last will

Amazon S3
Is Amazon Simple Storage Service abbreviated as Amazon S3 service?
It provides the high-quality storage service of any document using a web server interface.
Amazon is running as a global internet e-Commerce network.
A secure, safe, and durable platform providing storage services.

Google cloud storage for storage of your last will

Google cloud storage
It is another important platform for storing data in an accessible and organized way. It is a platform for storing online documents.
It has advanced features of advanced security and the best available features for file storage.


The platform uploadyourtestament provides the storage ability as well with creating the online last will document.
You can easily store your online last will with 100% safety.
So, use our platform, follow, and keep your online last will save without any uncertainty.

Store your last will online in our safe and secure datacenter
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