Leading Causes of Death in the US

The US is a developed and the leading area globally, but even of the well-managed health systems and the medical conditions still, the USA is facing the death issue day by day for several reasons. We want to convey the main points you need to make your last will for these reasons. To make a last will before your death is one of the essential jobs required to perform by every one of us. It is necessary because you are opening the way to secure your loved ones in this way.
Read the TOP 10 Leading Causes of Death in the US in this article here.

There are several reasons which are increasing the death rate in the US

The most common and most tops are Heart Disease and Cancer, which are taking part in 46% of the USA’s death. The data we provide has been received from the official website, which is Source: CDC, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which is collecting data from 30 years ago. The following are the leading causes of death in the US with their percentage, and the data is of the year 2017 along with the roots and prevention tips.

Leading Causes of Death in the US

Heart Disease

  1. Heart Disease is at the top of the lists, causing death USA

    The heartbeat causes are the irregular heartbeat or the high-stress level, which causes the heart’s arteries to be blocked, making such critical conditions such as heart attack and other heart diseases.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 635, 260
    • Percentage: 23.1%
    • It is more common in men, people who use smoking, people with a heart disease family background
    Prevention Tips
    • Use a healthy diet
    • Avoid smoking
    • Exercise daily to maintain your weight

  2. Cancer

    Cancer is the second essential and leading cause of death in the US.
    It is an uncontrolled cell division in any part of the body. Chronic inflammation may be the ultimate cause of cancer.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 598, 038 among which lung cancer is 76, 650 and prostate cancer is 31, 620 while colorectal cancer is 27, 640
    • Percentage: 21.7%
    • More common in those people who use alcohol and tobacco, obese people, and in a particular age
    Prevention Tips
    • Use a healthy diet
    • Maintain your weight by exercise
    • Avoid direct contact with the sun; try to sit in the shadow
    • Use regular medicines, regular screening and make the appointment according to the doctor’s advice

  3. Accidents called Unintentional Injuries

    Accidents are the third critical cause of death in the US because of emergency reasons.
    There may be sudden fall, unintentional motor or vehicle traffic death, and poisoning death, and all of these must need an emergency room, but it is tough to survive again.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 161, 374
    • Percentage: 5.9%
    • More common in men, people with the age of 1 to 44 years
    Prevention Tips
    • Drive and walk in traffic area carefully, and must admit at the emergency award in case of a sudden accident

  4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

    It is an essential and leading cause of death in America.
    It occurs because of asthma, smokers, pulmonary hypertension, emphysema, and several other pulmonary diseases. The main functions of this disease are to prevent the lungs from working.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 154, 596
    • Percentage: 5.6%
    • More common in woman and with the age of 65 years
    Prevention Tips
    • Avoid tobacco and smoking and use regular medicines.

  5. Stroke

    A stroke is sudden brain damage because of the low oxygenated blood flow to the brain, which causes the brain to stop working. It breaks the arteries to flow appropriately.
    The causes include heart diseases, high blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 142, 142
    • Percentage: 5.18%
    • More common in men and those women use birth control ways
    Prevention Tips
    • Exercise daily
    • Eat a healthy diet
    • Use medicines to control sugars level in case of any
    • Stop smoking and tobacco

  6. Alzheimer’s Diseases

    It is a disease where the brain does not work correctly and maybe because of gene inheritance. The causes of the illnesses include family history.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 116, 103
    • Percentage: 4.23%
    • More common in women, people over the age of 65 years, and the people with a family history of this disease
    Prevention Tips
    • Regular exercise to maintain body weight
    • Use a healthy diet, i.e., fruits, green vegetables, fats and avoid sugar
    • Take proper medicines in case of other conditions if you have
    • Stay active, healthy, and positive

  7. Diabetes

    Diabetes is a type of disease where the sugar level in the body is increased or decreased because of the pancreas’ abnormal working. The pancreas fails to make proper insulin for the organization. It has two types of diabetes: less insulin and diabetes II production because of the abnormal working of the body for insulin.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 80, 058
    • Percentage; 2.9%
    • Diabetes I is more common in a child, and Diabetes II is more common in the adults
    Prevention Tips
    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Exercise daily
    • Use a healthy diet
    • Take regular glucose sugar test

  8. Influenza and Pneumonia

    Influenza and Pneumonia are diseases that occur due to a virus that defends our body. It is called a flue, which occurs due to the contacts because it is a contagion disease.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 51, 537
    • Percentage: 1.88%
    • More common child, older adults, and people with chronic disease such as allergy
    Prevention Tips
    • Use flu vaccine
    • Keeps away from the people suffering this disease
    • Wash your hands continually

  9. Kidney Disease

    It is the second last cause of the tops 10 in the US. The disease’s objectives include nephritis, a nephritic syndrome that occurs because of chemical compositions of the kidney elements. The people who use smoking, junk foods, and cold drinks are at the top of the disease.
    Important Features
    • Death per year: 50, 046
    • Percentage: 1.8%
    • More common in people who use smoking, overweight people, and the people with a family history of the disease
    Prevention Tips
    • Avoid smoking, junk food, and cold drinks
    • Lose your weight by regular exercise
    • Take a check-up daily in case of symptoms

  10. Suicide

    I another critical cause of death in the US. It is because of losing self-esteem, self-harm, or low-income people. The ultimate objective is the regular problems that can’t be handled.
    The Lifeline is available for everyone, is free, and confidential.
    Important Feature
    • Death per year: 44, 965
    • Percentage: 1.64%
    • More common in men, low-income people, and alcoholic users
    Prevention Tips
    • Support a person who is abnormal for the routine
    • Help the needy people
    • Avoid alcohol and drugs

Leading Causes of Death in the US, final.

These are the leading causes of death in the US. Many people die every year intentionally or unintentionally. The things you must do are to make your last will so that you can secure yourself and your loved ones in case of any sudden accident or suffering from a disease. We have provided the online tool, which is original and authentic, for the last will. Feel free to ask any questions if you have.

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