Ethical Will

Ethical Will.
Upload and Store Your Last Words by Video, Audio, or Text.

It is the latest and the most interesting and fabulous feature of our website, which is gaining customers’ attention. The feature is unique. You can upload your last words by recording a video or your voice or make a text as well. (This service Is similar to the term Ethical Will)
It is an extra feature of our website and is giving you outstanding services*


What is a Ethical Will?

An Ethical Will is a personal document that you can create in order to communicate your dreams, wisdom, experiences, and life lessons to your children, spouse, and friends.

Is an Ethical Will legally binding?

No. Unlike last wills and testaments, ethical wills are not legally binding. This document doesn’t bequeath any property. But you can write an article in the Ethical Will that the executor passes on to loved ones regarding decisions in your last will.

What can be included in an Ethical Will?

Knowledge and advice you have gained over the years.
Your favorite books, movies, sport-teams, etc.
The family traditions you have learned from older generations like your father, grandfather, etc.
Your best memories.
Your Beliefs and Values.
Things you were unable or afraid to say during your lifetime.
Hopes for the Future for your Children, spouse, and other family members.

Record your Ethical Will

With time, the use of technology in an advanced way has been increasing day by day. This is the case with our platform as we are using an excellent direction by providing you our services. Our platform uploadyourtestament is one of the unique platforms providing you the services for recording your last words (something to say and your Last Will) or an online last will. Here in this article is the complete guide for you regarding video record.

Female recording her last word video testament and Last Will

Benefits of an Online Video Last Will, use our Platform

The recorded Ethical Will is not considered as much trusted and authentic as the written decree. However, you can record a will statement along with your written document. The following are the advantages of uploading your Last words or your spoken Last Will.

Your Relatives Can Listen And See You

It is another most important benefit to your relatives. By recording the Ethical Will in video or audio, your relatives cannot only see your written document, but they can see you and can listen to your voice.

A video or audio recording is your certainty of being heard and watched in connection with your Ethical Will.

Again the importance of recording an online video or audio file with your last words or online last will, is that it can be a record for ensuring your relative about your intention. It is because your relatives will not fight or have trouble after your death. And can get a piece of mind after listening to your last words / last will.

How to Do a Recording of an Ethical Will?

Just follow the following steps in this regard.

Make A Valid Last Will Or A Last Word recording.

Before recording a video of Ethical Will, you must make a written Ethical Will. Then you can speak it by a microphone or into a camera (Smart Phone camera is an easy way to record both video and audio)
If you like to make the last word video, we suggest that you write your words on a paper before recording to make the best result.

Select A Place And Time

The next most crucial step is to select the location and time accordingly. Select an area that is peaceful for you and is free of noise, avoiding interruptions during this job. Also, choose the best time, the time when you are open and in a pleasant mood so that you can record the video in your attention.

Feel free and relaxed

Before a day, when you are going to make a video record, you must need a full rest of the mind. So, take a whole night rest when you need to record the video.

Select A Device.

It is also an essential step for making a record. You must select a suitable device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. They must be of the highest quality so that your face and voice are bright during the record.

Ask Your Family Member Or Friend To Record

Ask your family member or your friend to make a record while you are ready to record the video. This family member or the friend must be your closest so that you are not feeling shy while recording your video.

Speak Slowly And Attentively

Now it is the time for the record of your video. Speak slowly, clearly, and carefully. Do not get interruptions during the registration. Complete it once you have started; otherwise, it will not be considered valid.

Upload your Ethical Will To our server

It is the last step where you have to upload your previous record in our unique platform. After uploading to our platform, you do not need to worry about security, change, or to lose your Ethical Will.


The section is about the making and recording of your online Ethical Will. After reading this, you will be able to record and upload your recorded video/voice of the previous intention to our platform. Just click on upload your record video after being made the record of your video while you are delivering your last testament. It is highly trusted and securable

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