What is a Devisee?

Devisee is a term which is relating to the last will and the testament.
A devisee is a person who is getting the property or money from an estate by the previous intentions.
In the real term, a devisee is a person to who the deceased person’s estate gives a device.
It may be called a receiver, an accepter, or a devise gainer.
Here in this article, we will describe the legal terms and the statutory laws for the devisee in an exact way so that you can understand it is real and authentic words.

Who Can Be?

The most important question that arises in your mind is what or who is responsible for the devisee.
So, in this section, we are going to answer this question accordingly.
Following are the persons who are accountable for the devisee in real words:

  • A child of the deceased person
  • A loved one such that maybe husband or wife of dead person.
  • The closest relatives are responsible as well.
  • The grandparents and the grandchildren also deserve some part of the devisee.
  • A closet and the trusted friend may also get the devisee if the deceased one is willing for this.

These are the persons responsible for taking the devisee of the last will by the dead person or the estate.


The word estate is mentioned because sometimes the final will is not ready, and after that, the court is responsible for dividing the previous will.
It may be a lawyer or the closest employ as well who knows this.
Above all, the name must be mentioned in the former will by the deceased one.
The term is relating to the beneficiary, as we described earlier.

A devisee- Refers to a person who receives property by being named in a decedent’s “Last will” related or not such.

devisee definition
Final Views

The article is about the “last will” and the devisee.
The devisee is the person to who a car, money, or the property is allotted by his/ her descendants or the relatives, and the name of devisee is mentioned in the last will.
After getting the device, the person is responsible for handling all the property he/ she gained in just the right ways according to the wishes which made the will.
If you have any quarry regarding this, feel free to ask or leave a comment.

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