What is Corpus?

Corpus is another more critical in the meanings of last will. It is different from any property that is rental and is left behind for the children. Corpus is away from any place, money or gold, etc. It does not include the cash, bank balance, or the property like this. So, the question that arises in your mind is that what is the actual meaning of corpus in the last will meanings? Do not worry; we are going to answer your question in this article. We will also conclude the rules of dividing the corpus into the children and relatives.


Corpus is the collection of written materials. It may be a book, a diary of your father or loved one who is dead, a notebook or any published book, etc.
It can be called a trust of knowledge for someone instead of the property and the persons.
The essential term that is still confused by most people. Sometimes it is called the part of the animal body or the human body, but in the case of last wills: A collection of knowledge in simple words. The next section will describe the rules of dividing the corpus.

Rules for Dividing Corpus

Following are the essential points to be noted for the corpus:

  • Corpus is divided according to the wills of the person that has been died.
  • All of the rules for dividing are mentioned in the last will be the person that is dead.
  • If the person does not describe the corpus in his/ her last will, the first and the foremast right of accepting the corpus is on the children of one’s’ dead
  • After the children, if they agree, some part may be given to the other relatives that are loved ones and trusted

Corpus is the collection of written materials in testament

Final Views

The article is about the importance and the confusing term, which is corpus and is the collection of the knowledge in written or recorded form. The rules for the corpus are mentioned a well. If you have any questions more, feel free to ask at any time of the day because we are here every time for serving you in every way.

Corpus – Critical term in the meanings of “Testament” and “Last Will.”

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