COVID-19 Death by Corona Virus in US

All of us are well aware that every country and every corner of the world is facing such a troubling pandemic called COVID-19, which is a virus and causes ultimate death. COVID-19 is Corona Virus Disease, which occurs in 2019 and has led much death worldwide, including a significant portion of the US. The US is an ideal place to live but still is facing COVID-19 death.

USA statistics data of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) *
*Updated every 10 min. 24/7!

Confirmed 45,908,212, Deaths 746,509, Recovered 35,573,510

What do the terms mean?

Confirmed: The number of confirmed (recorded) cases.
Active: The number of confirmed cases that are still infected (Active = Confirmed – Deaths – Recovered).
Deaths: The number of confirmed cases that have died.
Recovered: The number of confirmed cases that have recovered.

The data sources include the World Health Organization,
and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Follow the U.S. authorities’ recommendation:
CDC works 24/7 to protect America from health,
safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S.

Point the map for figures from around the states

COVID-19 Virus

In COVID-19, death occurs because of uncontrolled disease symptoms such as flu, fever, tiredness, and many others.
It is just like standard flu, but it is incurable and spread faster than other flu viruses.
The virus spread rapidly by contact of person to person all over the world, and it is tough for the world as a whole to overcome it.
Similarly, the US is facing incredible troubles because of these diseases.
Many deaths occur day by day of different people, and most of these are in contact with a person who is already facing and affected by this pandemic.
The article’s primary purpose is to guide you in making your last will because of your loved ones, which will be saved after the previous will’s critical decisions.
The number of death is increasing day by day, and it is the reason to care for testament so that your property is divided in right hands according to your wish.
The following sections explain the death cases and the different factors which are affected by COVID-19. Read the article carefully to know death in the US because of Corona.

Corona Death in the US

In the United States, Corona’s number of deaths is increasing day by day, and it is severe or impossible to overcome because no vaccine is available to cure this disease.

The data has been collected from the US’s official website, and it is refreshing and recently published.
Let us look at death numbers in the US by Corona and all cases with recovered people.
On May 16, 2020, total cases were discovered: 1, 497, and 097 from which total death cases are 89, 127, and the patients who recovered are 336, 724.
The number of positive cases and death has been increasing day by day or even from hour to hour.
From the data collected, if we talk about the percentage, the total death rate is 21%, and 79% are recovered who discharges successfully after the treatment.
Most of the death cases relate to New York City, and the number of deaths in New York in April was only 3,000, surprising and attention-grabbing.
The scientists and the doctors are finding the reasons for more deaths in New York City alone.

The maximum causes of death were contraction and avoiding social distance, which is critical, and people need to understand.

Corona Death and the Current Situation in the US

The US is facing several crises because of Corona deaths, especially in recent months. And the number of death has been increasing day by day. Because of the deaths and the spreading of COVID-19, Donald Trump has issued the message to close all the shops and the markets, including restaurants, hotels, and educational intuitions.

Age Factor and Corona Deaths

Age is one of the essential factors which are affecting corona death in the US.
The research has found that most of the people who changed and got died by the coronavirus are above 40 years because of the less immunity in these people than the young ones.
These people need to save themselves and protect themselves by social distance.

Final Views

The article is about corona death in the USA.
It is increasing day by day and is expanding the panics in people.
There is no proper cure; just protection is necessary.
So, you must be sure to make your last will accordingly.
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COVID-19 – Equal to “Coronavirus disease”
COVID-19 Prevention for Corona virus

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