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“ Perfect for creating and storing my Last Will. I’ve used both creating and storing and absolutely love it. Thank you! It has really helped me.”
Sophia Miller

Sophia Miller

New York

“ User experience, security, storage and choice flexibility were critical requirements for me. Uploadyourtestament was the company that best fulfilled these requirements.”

Julia Smith

Julia Smith


“I used Upload Your Testament’s extra service with satisfaction, by recording a audio file with the words i wanted to say as my final words, along with my Testament”

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson


“I love it when life gets easier. Uploadyourtestament is the easiest way to make your Last Will online. They does is remarkably simple.”

Wilbert Jones

Wilbert Jones

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FAQ (frequently asked questions) about the benefit of making a Last will.

  1. What is the benefit of making af last will and testament?

    In a last will and testament, you can decide what will happen to your assets like real estate, bank accounts, personal belongings, and other property when you die.
    Your benefit is that you can make sure that your spouse, children, family members, friends, and charities inherit you when you die.

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