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About our company

Uploadyourtestament.com helps you to make and safely store your Last Will and Testament.

A Last Will and a Testament – Testament today is the same as a Last Will and is a legal, valid and binding document telling your descendants how you want your assets distributed after your death.”

Uploadyourtestament’s philosophy and goal is that everyone should be able and could afford to make a document as important as a Last Will / Testament.

On average, hiring an attorney to make your  last will and testament can cost $400 to $1,500. At Uploadyourtestament it only cost $39.95!

Uploadyourtestament.com is a leading self-help legal Last Will and Testametn website. The company was founded on the belief that people can create their own high quality legal and valid Last Will’s if we give you access to easy tools and helping articles and how to guides.

Simple and fast✔ We have the must easy to use Last Will online tool✔ Our prices starts from ONLY $9.95 per year or  $39.95 one time payment✔ We have industry-leading security✔

Note: We do not provide legal advice and use of Uploadyourtestament is not a substitute for hiring an attorney licensed to practice in your state. Uploadyourtestament can only be used in United States Of America. Read the local state laws regarding Last Will here.

clients’ testimonials

Thousand of peoples trusts us!

“ Perfect for creating and storing my Last Will. I’ve used both creating and storing and absolutely love it. Thank you! It has really helped me.”
Sophia Miller

Sophia Miller

New York

“ User experience, security, storage and choice flexibility were critical requirements for me. Uploadyourtestament was the company that best fulfilled these requirements.”

Julia Smith

Julia Smith


“I used Upload Your Testament’s extra service with satisfaction, by recording a audio file with the words i wanted to say as my final words, along with my Testament”

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson


“I love it when life gets easier. Uploadyourtestament is the easiest way to make your Last Will online. They does is remarkably simple.”

Wilbert Jones

Wilbert Jones

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Meet our team

Morten J.

Morten J.

President & CEO

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Stephenie B.

Stephenie B.

Head of customer service

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Timothy S.

Timothy S.

CFO and Legal advicer

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Vanessa E.

Vanessa E.

Art Director

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Handles all of your file needs

No matter where you go – take your testament with you

Whether it’s your testament, last word video, or your important last words docs, have them in your
pocket whenever you need to read or edit them.

Our solution is 100% mobile friendly, and works with all smart phones and tablet as well as Mac and PC.

FAQ (frequently asked questions) about Uploadyourtestament.com


What is Uploadyourtestament.com?

At Uploadyourtestament.com you can easy, fast and cheap make your last will and testament. We have the most cost-effective way to establish your last will and testament documents compared to going to an lawyer.

Who can use Uploadyourtestament.com?

All U.S. citizens can use our services. Anyone of legal age (18 years old in most American states) and sound mind can make a Last Will with our unique and easy to use online testament tool.

Is it legal to make a last will with Uploadyourtestament.com?

Yes absolutely. We ensure that we comply with federal and local state laws regarding last-wills. Our online last will maker is just as legitimate as a testament drafted by your attorney. Just choose your home state, and we make sure that your last will is constructed correctly and fully legal.

Is it safe and secure to use Uploadyourtestament.com?

Yes. We have Industry-leading security. Our Website is secured with SSL and TLS and is branded with the HTTPS in our URL address. We use Amazon and Google for back-up and Paypal and Stripe as highly secure payment services.

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